1. September 4-7, 2017 - Climate & Biotic Events of the Paleogene (CBEP) 2017 will be held at Snowbird Resort near Salt Lake City, hosted by Gabe Bowen and Pete Lippert.

  1. March 2017 - Courtney Wagner’s proposal, “Testing how geomagnetic field strength influences magnetoreception and biodiversity as observed in magnetotactic bacteria,” is recommended for funding by the NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes program. Courtney will spend the summer working with Dr. Yongxin Pan at the Institute of Geology & Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China.

  1. March 2017 - Another paper from Wentao Huang published in JGR-Solid Earth: Remagnetization of carbonate rocks in southern Tibet: Perspectives from rock magnetic and petrographic investigations.

  1. February 2017 - Wentao Huang’s first paper of 2017 is published in JGR-Solid Earth: Remagnetization of the Paleogene Tibetan Himalayan carbonate rocks in the Gamba area: Implications for reconstructing the lower plate in the India-Asia collision.

  1. January 2017 - Song Peiping, from the Institute for Tibetan Plateau Research in Beijing, P.R. China, joins the group as a China Scholarship Council postdoc.

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August 6, 2016

image credits: Tibet, Leg 342, Wildfire

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